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Our Free Printable Search & Find games are a great way to spice up your next Halloween party.  Get the kids up and moving as they search for these little "treasures".  You can provide a prize or just words of congratulations to the winner.  So easy to create...simply print, cut, hide and seek.


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Bats in a Cup

Bats in a Cup

The Witch gave the green slimy potion swirling in her cauldron another stir.  "More bats," she chortled and reached deep into the barrel by her side.  All at once a black cloud of screeching, angry bats flew up into her face and escaped through an open window.  "Oh my, what am I to do?' she screamed.  "My Happy Halloween spell won't work without bats.  Find the Witch's bats so she can complete her spell.

Find the Pumpkins



Find the Pumpkins

Hide the pumpkins around the house and let the children search for them.  The child who finds the most pumpkins wins!

Silly Remmy's Vacation Selfies

Silly Remmy's Vacation Selfies

Gypson the raven has stolen Silly Remmy's Vacation Selfies. As he was carrying them across the sky to his hideout, he dropped them and they scattered through Halloween Town. Help Silly Remmy the ghost find all of his selfies before Gypson steals them again.

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