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Fun Facts & Fiction

When Halloween approaches, we all seem to love being a little scared by a movie, a prankster or a classic story.  Well, we've thrown in a few facts and information about Halloween from centuries gone by that may answer questions you have about the holiday.  Parents, children and teachers...enjoy!


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Hallowe'en at Merryvale Hallowe'en at Merryvale

A delightful story of Halloween celebration by Alice Hale Burnett. Join "the boys" as they spend the day enjoying fun and games as families did in the early 20th century.

Halloween Beliefs & Customs Halloween Beliefs and Customs

We all take for granted the way Halloween is celebrated.  But this holiday is honored in many different ways around the world.  Learn a few fascinating facts about the beliefs and customs other peoples enjoy on our favorite day in October.  Happy Halloween!

Halloween Poetry Halloween Poetry

We've gleaned some old Halloween Poems from the archives of Harper's Weekly Magazine printed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Experience the flavor of speech from more than one hundred years ago as each poem pays tribute to the spookiest holiday of the year.

Planning an Old-Fashioned Halloween Party Planning an Old-Fashioned Halloween Party

If you're thinking about planning a Halloween party, you might want to consider using the "old fashioned" theme.  With a little imagination, you can offer fun and games for your guests that were quite common in the early 20th century.  Of course, times have changed, so we updated a few of the elements and eliminated some dangerous ones.  Happy Halloween!

Riddles Riddles

When you're giving a Halloween party, planning riddle time can be a great way to keep little ones interested even when they grow tired from a day of games. Here are 55 riddles to keep your guests thinking and having fun.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

One of the most beloved Halloween classics, this ghost story by Washington Irving is perfect for this time of the year.  Gather those you love, light a candle and make story night a part of your traditions for the holiday.

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